Darling: A New Musical

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DARLING is a new musical by Ryan Scott Oliver and Brett Ryback. The play is a dark deconstruction of Peter Pan set in 1920’s Boston, days before the stock market crash. Ursula (“Darling”) runs away from home with a boy named Peter. She is introduced to a world previously unknown to her and learns about life through tough first hand experience. A common theme throughout the show is “loss of innocence” as this wealthy young girl learns about life from the “filth of Boston.” This was Darling’s premier performance and it will continue to workshop and grow.

Darling’s lighting told the story with a plethora of saturated color and texture. Audiences were thrown from the house of a wealthy 16 year old living on Beacon Hill into a “Vile Isle of Sex, Jazz and Sin”, a speakeasy hidden in a warehouse. The set started on stage in entirety and was transformed to represent different locations. A lot of work, bringing all of the locations to life was left for lighting. With a rock band performing on stage, music was very important to guide the rhythm of the lighting.

All photos unless otherwise noted are taken by Kevin Semagin